What is the difference between a Data Scientist and a Decision Scientist?

The differences between the job roles of a data scientist and a decision scientist is subtle. While a data scientist is only involved with finding meaning in the chaos of big data, a decision scientist looks at big data with a view to solve a business problem. Decision scientists are nurtured and valued in the organization and they have an acute understanding of the businesses’ goals and vision, can clearly define business problems and have the necessary acumen to solve these problems using data science skills. What follows is an elaborate discussion on the differences between a Data Scientist and a Decision Scientist job roles.

Organizations have realized the importance of big data but the value of big data is difficult to quantify and it is unquestionably huge. As organizations continue to leverage big data, numerous big data jobs have been reviewed and profiled as the most appealing jobs of 21st century. The two sought after major big data job roles that cannot be overlooked are- Decision Scientist and Data Scientist. At times, these professionals are professed as data analysts but in reality they are the ones who help organizations understand the importance of voluminous data, make the data talk and continuously strive to provide fascinating business insights that can be easily understood. You can call them the best data storytellers.

Source: https://www.dezyre.com/article/data-scientist-vs-decision-scientist/171


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